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  • To better solve the ongoing limitations of the broader NFT market, Polyient Games is rebranding to PolyientX.
  • PolyientX is a platform dedicated to facilitating the launch and growth of fair token economies associated with NFT/DeFi projects.
  • The PolyientX vaulting system enables current projects to leverage a unique NFT-based reward distribution mechanism while new projects are able to launch via the Polyient-designed Initial Vault Sale (IVS) method.
  • Core to PolyientX is a first-of-a-kind NFT marketplace where transaction fees are fully democratized and shared between projects and PolyientX token holders.
  • PolyientX will launch in beta in August 2021 on Ethereum with a Polyient Games token conversion set to occur in the coming weeks.
  • Learn more and sign up for updates on the new PolyientX website.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have had a blockbuster year — a coming-out party driven by high-profile auctions and mainstream brand adoption that has undoubtedly cemented the asset class as a true alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies.

This initial stage has been quite rudimentary and interest in the market has largely been siloed to the marketplace level. We’ve gotten quite comfortable with buying and selling NFTs, but what comes next?

We’re collectively pointing to the next layer deep — utility, or what can actually be done once an NFT is acquired. Utility can range from NFTs representing in-game assets or functioning as metaverse-level…

We are excited to announce that the very first Polyient Network Vaults are now available in beta for holders of Series IV and Series III NFTs.

With the launch, we have officially rebranded the Polyient Network Token (PNT) to RATE (RATE), the network utility token that is earned through Polyient Vault staking.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Polyient Vaults?

Polyient Vaults represent the next stage in DeFi built for the NFT asset class. …

We are excited to announce that Polyient Ventures, the VC arm of Polyient, has made a $500,000 investment in Exordium, a triple-A game publisher, via its ongoing security token offering (STO) for the revolutionary sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game Infinite Fleet.

Samson Mow, creator of Infinite Fleet and CEO of its developing studio Pixelmatic, said, “There’s an extremely powerful use case for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in gaming, as it gives in-game assets easy transferability outside of the official in-game store. …

The discounted Polyient Network Initial Vault Sale (IVS) begins on April 15, 2021 and features Vault Series IV NFTs. Vault Series NFTs are unique digital collectibles that can be used to generate rewards in the Polyient Network Vault system.

  • There are 80 Series IV NFTs available at a 25% discount during the early sale.
  • Each Series IV NFT will generate a minimum of 357,000 PNT tokens if staked for a continuous 12 month period when vaults launch in early summer 2021.
  • The sale will be accessible via this link, make sure to bookmark it!

Here is all that you need…

We are excited to introduce the official referral program for the Polyient Network Token Initial Vault Sale. This program is designed to incentivize participation in the upcoming sale while significantly rewarding community members who actively support awareness through custom referral codes.

The upcoming PNT Initial Vault Sale will occur in two major tranches:

  1. 25% discount public sale — $30M in available PNT NFTs
  2. Full public sale — $500M in available PNT NFTs

With our referral program, users will earn 10% on each successful sale made via their referral code, paid out in ETH. This means that if both the discounted…

We are excited to announce an initiative we have been actively developing behind the scenes for many months: the Polyient Vault system — a new approach to traditional DeFi vaulting/staking that enables users to leverage both fungible & NFT assets to actively earn rewards.

There are a number of exciting use cases for Polyient Vaults that we will be deploying across both Polyient Games, our flagship NFT ecosystem, and Polyient Network, the first cross-chain network dedicated to NFT data aggregation, analysis, and liquidity transformation.

Within Polyient Games, Vaults will eventually serve as the foundation for reward distribution among PGFK holders…

Last week, Polyient unveiled the Polyient Network, a decentralized data network for non-fungible token (NFT) pricing that will support a new generation of synthetic products built on top of the NFT asset class.

This new network will be fueled by Polyient Network Token (PNT), a utility and governance token that will be used to (1) pay for NFT data; (2) pay node providers through staking awards; and (3) obtain collateral for the synthetic asset platform.

PNT is initially being distributed through the very first Initial Vault Sale (IVS), where users purchase dedicated Polyient Network collectible NFTs that can also be…

Polyient, the industry-leading investment group behind Polyient Games, has introduced the Polyient Network, a decentralized data network for non-fungible token (NFT) pricing that will support a new generation of synthetic assets built on top of the NFT asset class.

“The growth of the NFT market has undoubtedly been stifled by a lack of efficient price discovery for these assets across the emerging use cases,” said Polyient Games co-founder Craig Russo. “We’ve struggled with this issue first-hand and are building the Polyient Network to empower developers, collectors and investors alike with the tools to better navigate this market.”

The Polyient Network…

The time has come. Today we are introducing the first gaming title from the internal Polyient innovation studio: Ape In.

Ape In is an NFT-driven experience that features a series of mini-games that are designed to offer a consumer-friendly approach to decentralized finance (DeFi). These games function to introduce crypto-centric concepts such as farming and vaulting to a broader audience while forwarding the industry’s thinking around the utility of NFTs.

In a way, you can think of Ape In as a sort of test kitchen for the broader Polyient Games Ecosystem, offering a way for us to introduce new and…


Building PolyientX, Rate Network, and Ape In

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